Zydeco Soulchild

Leon Chavis has bold ambitions: He wants to change the way you listen, understand and dance to Zydeco music. For Leon Chavis and the Zydeco Flames, this push forward means looking back and re-examining, mastering, understanding the roots of Zydeco Music and Creole culture. Chavis' confidence shines through on this disc, which features all originals except an up-temp reworking of a Motown classic that'll even have Smokey Robinson saying, "Ooh Baby Baby!"

Released in September 2010, 15 tracks. CLICK HERE TO ORDER!


The Champ Is Here

In 1999, Muhamma Ali was crowned Sportsman of the Century by Sports Illustrated. Ali retired the same year Leon Chavis was born, but that hasn't stopped him from being fascinated with "The Champ." Inspired by Ali, Chavis has punched his way to the top of the Zydeco world. A main event in the Zydeco club, trailride and radio scene, Chavis has retired "Zydeco Soul Child," his old nickname, with a new, bold proclamation... "The Champ Is Here!"

Released in November 2012, 15 tracks. CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Holla @ Me

On their second CD, Holla at Me, Leon Chavis and the Zydeco Flames offer smooth, polished contemporary zydeco that also draws on the energy and power of old style music played by Leon's cousin, the late Boozoo Chavis.

Released in November 2008, 16 tracks. CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

The Heat is On

There is a fresh new sound and movement in the Zydeco Nation. One can hear the rumblings over the sounds of crowd as Leon sings the anthem: "Everybody comes on out, just to hear Leon and the Zydeco Flames, because the Heat is On!"

Released in 2006, 12 tracks.

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